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Smart Home Philippines, an Affordable Guide to your Smart Home Automation

Updated: Apr 15, 2018

Home automation ideas have been around for decades but only recently, real hardware products have been developed with the birth of IoT (Internet of Things).

Automating your home back then is only available for the rich and famous.

In these modern days, with the widespread use of smart phones/tablets, and the availability of Internet almost everywhere, its now easy to control our home devices remotely.

You can in fact start with the basics and scale up your home automation project as you progress. This affordable home automations guide aims to help common consumers without technical background on how to use HA (Hawkeye Automations) series.

Before getting started, let us first define the reasons why we need to automate our home.

1. Convenience - Have you ever experienced this? You just lying down on your bed and about to sleep, suddenly you remember you forgot to off the lights on the kitchen. What will you do? Will you stand up and walk to the kitchen to switch off the light or you are too sleepy enough to wait for morning to switch the light off?

If you have a smart LED bulb at home, you can just turn off the light from your mobile phone, or if you have a "smart assistant", you can just instruct it using your voice to switch off the kitchen light.

You can also set timers so that when you reach home after work, you will not walk in the dark anymore and reach out for the light switch on the wall.

2. Home Security - If you are always away or if you went on a holiday, your lights will be left off and this will give an idea for the thieves that no one is at home. With smart LED bulbs, the switch is in your fingertips. You can turn them on/off anywhere you are or you can also turn them on automatically using timer function on the app.

IP cameras are also very common, you can set them up so that you can view them from your mobile device.

3. Save on Electric Bill - Because LED bulbs are so energy efficient, you can save on your electricity. A 7 watt LED is the equivalent of 60 watts incandescent bulb.

4. Environment friendly - Because they consumed less power it helps preserves our power resources. They also emit less heat as compared to traditional incandescent bulb.

5. It makes your home modern - with the sleek design of these smart home devices, they can easily blend on the wall , ceiling or cupboard. You can also convert your old TV sets and traditional speakers into smart wireless TV/speakers.

6. Smart Devices can be enjoyed together as family - children can interact with them, makes learning fun. You can command them to play music, movies and change colours of each bulb.

The minimum requirement to automate your home is you must have an existing Internet Connection. You may see different companies providing internet service in your location but as of this writing, there are only 2 main player in the country, Globe and PLDT.

If you already have an existing internet connection, you can start with any of the following products.

HE-C7 is the flagship product of Hawkeye Automations.

Key Features are:

  • Compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Echo (Alexa).

  • Adjustable Brightness. Adjust the brightness from 1% to 100%.

  • Timer and Switch Function (It can turn ON on sunset and turn OFF on sunrise)

  • Free app available from Google Play and App Store

  • Lifespan of 22 000 (based on 3hr/day usage) hrs and as bright as 60 watts incandescent bulb

  • No hub required. You do not need a central device to be connected to your router to control the bulb.

  • Easy setup

Before set-up, ensure that your mobile device is connected to a 2.4Ghz wireless network. Most routers now comes with dual band frequency namely 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. HE-C7 for now supports 2.4Ghz only, so while setup, connect to your 2.4Ghz Wireless network. You can connect back your phone to 5Ghz after setup.

So let us start with the set up.

Step 1. Download Tuya Smart app from Google Play or App Store.

After download, create an account, your phone number will be asked for code verification. Complete the account setup process.

Step 2. Connect HE-C7 on your bulb socket (E27 screw type) and turn the power ON. Notice that HE-C7 will blink rapidly. This is the default mode of the bulb. It is in setup mode.

Open the Tuya App and follow the images below:

Once added, the HE-C7 will stop blinking and you then control it from the app.

Things you can try:

1. Change colour.

Select what color suits your mood.

Whether you are watching a movie or hosting a party at home, you have the freedom to create the perfect ambience in your finger tips.

2. Select Scenes.

These are preset color combinations.

3. Adjust Brightness and Set Timer

Do you want the light to ON or OFF even when you are away? Simply add a timer.

This will create an impression that you are at home even while you are away. You can set the lights to ON as well so you will not enter a dark room ever again.

4. Create a group. This will allow you to control multiple devices together. Pair the device using amazon echo or google home smart assistant. You can say "Hey google, turn off my light" or "Alexa, set the light to 100% brightness".

This is the first instalment guide on HE Series. Watch out for our upcoming posts soon.

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